Through the Sun Roads

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Through the Sun Roads
Five days in Norway

Through the Sun Roads is a personal project about a trip through Norway done in the summer of 2015. The project, a self edited photo book, records and explains the experience of the trip. During six days, we crossed the country from east to west, going through more than 1500km. Four cities, ten buses, six trains & one adventure.

The concept of the publication —Through the Sun Roads— is a reference to the time range we experienced in our trip, with more than 18 hours of light a day. This marked the conditions of our trip, making it possible for us to make a better use of the days, and the sun that seemed to lead our way.

The idea of the book is to work with two types of material: a photo serie about the trip and the concept of the project; and a photo diary, a personal narration of the trip. This division gave me the opportunity to split the book in two parts. Fitted as chapters, the book contains two parts: chapter one, The Complete Photo Story, and Chapter two, The Diary of the Trip. The division of the book becomes more evident with the two paper sizes. Two independent publications with a stitched binding to give global unity and personality to the project.

Limited edition of 50, signed & numbered, 120 pages with more than 80 photos. Bound with two paper sices, Chapter one (14,8x21cm) & Chapter two (16,5 x 24 cm). Screenprinted packaging.

Cover with classic demimatt-matt laminated of 300g paper. Inside pages with classic gloss-gloss coated of 130g paper.